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Why Arrange a Cremation Online?

We at Sauls Funeral Home are dedicated to helping you remember your beloved in only the most meaningful way. At Sauls, we provide modern, internet-based services that are easily accessed through our portal,, the top online cremation arrangement service around. Online cremation services are an innovative approach to funeral planning. These internet-based cremation planning services provide many benefits for family members as they seek healing and comfort after experiencing the untimely loss of a relative. As a family-owned and operated funeral home, we understand that it is never easy to lose someone special or to plan a cremation thereafter. It is our hope that our caring funeral home can provide you with relief and support during this very difficult time.

Here are some of the top reasons for arranging a simple cremation online:

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Cremation Services

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The cremation container is NOT the same thing as the urn. The cremation container is used to safely transport the decedent to the crematory and surrounds them during the cremation process itself.


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Crematory Fees$400.00

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  • An online cremation is a low-cost alternative that is very high in quality when compared to traditional funerals and burials. Our goal at Sauls is to provide you with services that not only meet your budget but that meet your expectations for quality care as well.
  • We offer a simple, yet reliable online arrangement service that is easy-to-use and always available. To begin scheduling a cremation all you need is an internet connection. Keep in mind that while you will be making these arrangements entirely online, you should never feel alone. One of our caring staff members is always just a phone call or email message away should you require further assistance.
  • In offering flexible and conveniently scheduled cremation services, trust that our goal is to assist you in planning heart-felt services that you can schedule from the comfort of your own home.
  • Our highly affordable online cremations will help you stay within your budget, saving you both time and money so that you can concentrate on healing instead of costly expenses.
  • We also provide a wide selection of personalized options and merchandise that assist you in creating the most meaningful remembrance experience for you and your family members.

To learn more about Sauls Funeral Home in Beaufort and Jasper Counties, contact us today. We proudly assist families just like yours in Bluffton, Okatie, Beaufort, Ridgeland and Hardeeville as you celebrate the life and memory of your cherished loved one.

Why Cremation?

At Sauls Funeral Home we understand the sensitive nature of losing a cherished loved one. As a family-owned and operated funeral home assisting families in Ridgeland and Hardeeville, we are fully committed to your well-being during this difficult time. For many generations, we have assisted South Carolina families in honoring the legacy of their recently departed family members. As a preferred funeral home and cremation service provider in the area, we are dedicated to providing top-quality services that are convenient, reliable and cost-effective. This is why we offer online cremation scheduling—to meet your budget, as well as to save you time as you make many important decisions regarding your loved one’s final care arrangements.

Today, many people are in need of affordable alternatives as they plan for an impending funeral. Cremation services that can be scheduled online are becoming that solution. As more and more people rely on the internet to make important life decisions they are searching for options that meet their immediate needs—this includes scheduling a cremation online. While most families are familiar with traditional funerals and ground burials, cremations that can be arranged entirely online are quickly growing in popularity. In addition to their flexibility, direct cremations help many families honor the last wishes of their loved ones, they are environmentally friendly, and they meet many religious obligations at a very cost-effective rate. No matter the reason, choosing a cremation that can be scheduled online is a very convenient alternative when compared to traditional funeral services.

As a dignified service, direct cremations are not standalone services. Instead, they can be combined with the same familiar features of a traditional funeral and burial. For instance, a memorial service can accompany a cremation as can a burial in a cemetery or mausoleum. In short, there are many ways to customize a cremation to suit your family’s needs. At Sauls Funeral Home, we maintain a stellar reputation for excellence in service. We appreciate every family’s differences and it is our goal to assist you in expressing your wishes and bringing your vision for your loved one’s services to fruition.

South Carolina families have come to recognize the quality of care and high standards in service that Sauls Funeral Home in Jasper County is committed to providing. Our knowledgeable team of funeral home staff directors and employees understand how important it is to provide timely, efficient and friendly services. This is why we put in the extra effort to ensure all of your unique needs are met. We will listen to you, paying close attention to your requirements and requests. We will also provide in-depth professional feedback and insight into the cremation planning process. Our goal is to provide comforting interactions that will leave you with peace of mind in knowing your loved one is under the caring custody of a team of committed professionals. Have confidence in knowing that with every interaction with us we will treat you just like a member of our own family. Our goal is to provide meaning to you as we help you celebrate the life of your dear loved one.

Our funeral home is deeply committed to satisfying your needs for customization. We want to help you create a personalized memorial experience that truly reflects the life of your loved one—their personality, interests, hobbies and the legacy they are leaving behind. We provide the following services and merchandise options: decorative urn cremations, keepsake urns, keepsake cremation jewelry (including Thumbies and memory glass jewelry), access to a wide network of local florists, online obituaries, and pre-planning services (these services are for those who would like to schedule a cremation well in advance). Have assurance in knowing we have thought of every detail and aspect of funeral and cremation planning for the most personalized experience. It is our intention to bring only the best in products and services that will assist you in honoring your beloved, in only the most special way.

Are you looking for a funeral home that provides affordable cremation services near your location? If you are searching for a caring, professional and understanding funeral home in Jasper County then contact Sauls Funeral Home today. We routinely assist families in Coosawhatchie, Bellinger, Harbville, Hardeeville, Limehouse, Purysburgh, Pineland, Gillisonville, Mitchellville, Ridgeland, Switzerland, and Tarboro to name a few. We are long-standing members within the community with over a century of direct cremation experience. Let us demonstrate our difference to you.

Find more about the affordable cremations offered by Sauls Funeral Home in Jasper County.

Increasingly, people are seeking out alternatives to traditional funeral services, with many making the switch to direct cremations which can be conveniently scheduled online. As a modern service, online cremations can be scheduled both day and night and even from the comfort of your own home. As a preferred choice, online cremations help in meeting the direct needs of many families. From meeting religious obligations, to the final wishes of the departed, to be gentle on the environment or to be cost-effective, people are choosing direct cremations that can be scheduled online as a preferred final arrangement service.

A direct cremation provides a solution for many families. For those who have moved away from their loved one’s hometown, for those who are grieving or unable to visit the funeral home and for those who are searching for a respectable service that is cost-effective—an online cremation is a very popular choice. Additionally, cremation costs are much lower when compared to traditional funerals and ground burials. With a cremation, the purchase of a cemetery plot and coffin are not necessary but these options are still available. This is important because a cremation can still be scheduled with many of the same features of a traditional funeral. For instance, a cremation can include a visitation service, a memorial service or a graveside burial. There are almost endless options for customizing a cremation service to meet your specific needs.

As a preferred funeral home and cremation service provider in Beaufort County, Sauls Funeral Home is dedicated to providing the solutions that your family seeks as you plan each aspect of your loved one’s cremation. Our highly reputable funeral home is proficient in the most modern approaches to direct cremation scheduling and planning. We are committed to delivery of excellence in service and we will make the extra effort to exceed all of your expectations. Our experienced funeral home directors and support staff are here to answer all of your questions and will provide you with helpful information so that you can make the most informed decision regarding your loved one’s care. From the time your beloved is in our custody until well after your remembrance services, have peace of mind in knowing that we will provide inspiring and meaningful services for your family.

Sauls Funeral Home recognizes that no two families are ever alike. This is why we offer a wide assortment of complementary services and merchandise that help in personalizing your loved one’s cremation service. We offer a wide selection in decorative urn cremations, keepsake urns, keepsake cremation jewelry, access to a wide network of local florists, online obituaries, and pre-planning services (this service is offered for those who would like to schedule a cremation well in advance). We strongly believe that a creative approach, that accurately reflects the personality and interests of the departed, is a special way to remember them and honor their life.

Are you looking for a funeral home that provides affordable cremation services near your location?” For families who are in search of a caring funeral home in Beaufort County, contact Sauls Funeral Home today. For over a century Sauls Funeral Home has proudly provided funeral and cremation services for families in the following areas: Beaufort, Bluffton, Brighton Beach, Callawassie Island, Coosaw, Dale, Dataw Island, Daufuskie Island, Fairfield, Fripp Island, Frogmore, Harbor Island, Hilton Head Island, Lady's Island, Laurel Bay, Lobeco, Naval Hospital, Okatie, Parris Island, Port Royal, Pritchardville, Seabrook, Sheldon, Spring Island, St Helena Island, and Sun City.

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