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O’Halloran & Murphy Funeral Home, St. Paul, MN

O’Halloran and Murphy Funeral Homes have been operating in the area for over 100 years. They now offer several locations throughout the community, but in 1876, Patrick O’Halloran first provided these services from a storefront near 6th Street and Wabasha in downtown St. Paul. In 1927, they moved to a bigger location at the corner of Sixth and Main.

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Cremation Services Provided by O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Homes

At the present locations, they continue to provide the same excellent service and care. As such, they are honored to be members of Selected Independent Funeral Homes. O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Homes is a full-service provider that includes traditional funerals, cremation services, and memorial services. They offer the same attentive, personalized services, whether it is for a small gathering or a huge ceremony. Their locations have ample parking areas, large gathering rooms, and, at selected locations, even a private family lounge with a children's room.

In recent years, cremation is becoming a more popular choice for many individuals. Cremation offers flexibly and burial options, and it is usually the least costly when compared to other options. It is also the most environmentally sound choice because it saves land space.

O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Homes works with SimpleCremationUSA to give you a service that is quick, easy, convenient, and can be done entirely from your home computer. With this service, your loved one will handled with complete care. All of O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Home's staff are highly trained and professional. They are committed to maintaining the standards set forth by SimpleCremationUSA.

Staff will arrived professionally dressed and conduct themselves in a manner that shows the dignity and care needed for your loved one. Transfer will be performed in a secure vehicle that is expertly maintained, fitted with the correct platforms, and locked to ensure proper security at all times.

Upon arrival at the crematory, one of O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Homes' skilled staff members will ensure that your loved one is monitored throughout the entire process. Prior to cremation, a family member will be required to make a positive identification, and that may be accomplished easily online via our secure Posi-ID Portal.

After identification is made by a family member, trained staff will attend and witness the start of the cremation process to ensure you receive the remains of the person identified.

O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Homes and SimpleCremationUSA are here to assist and guide you through this difficult time.

Location Information

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time. Please call us at (866) 333-5130.

We look forward to serving you.

The O'Halloran family has been in the funeral care trade for over 100 years. During this time, they have crafted a tradition of professionalism, quality, and respect. They know that the families coming in are in mourning, and they provide them with a sense of dignity and compassion at this time of need.

The O'Halloran family has recently opened a new facility on Valley Creek Road that provides the variety of options and care needed to honor your loved one. With plenty of parking, two large rooms, a private lounge for the family, a playroom for children, and a dining area, this location provides the family and other guests with a great place to celebrate the life of the deceased. O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Home's dining area provides a homey area where family, friends, and other loved ones can gather and have refreshments after the service, and these are now available at all locations.

SimpleCremationUSA, in conjunction with O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Home, will handle your required services with the utmost professionalism and compassion.

A northern suburb of Minneapolis, Coon Rapids is the largest city in Anoka County and the 13th largest city in the state overall. Built along the historic Red River Ox Cart Trail, many industries built up along this road and formed the foundations for this city. You can even see the clay excavation site, known as the clay hole, where the Anoka Pressed Brick and Terra Cotta Company excavated in the 1880s. Coon Rapids is also the home of RMS Company, HOM Furniture, the John Roberts Company, ECM Publishers, and the Anoka-Ramsey Community College.

A part of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area, Blaine is home to some 57,000 residents. It's located on the major highway I35 W. It was originally a part of Anoka, until 1877, after which many people had begun to settle here after the Civil War and the city grew. While other cities in the area have a farming industry, Blaine has to look for other means because of its sandy soil and abundant wetlands. It is home to many beautiful lakes, including Sunrise Lake, Laddie Lake, Club West Lake, and Lochness Lake. It is home to Minnesota's professional soccer team and a campus of Globe University/Minnesota School of Business.

Cremation in Anoka

Anoka is the county seat for the region and is known as the "Halloween Capital of the World," after hosting one of the first Halloween parades back in 1920. Anoka was settled in 1844 and was formally incorporated in 1878. The name is derived from two Indian words, Dakota and Ojibwa, translating to something like "working waters from both sides." There are many points of interest, including Goodrich Field, Windego Park Open Air Theater, Anoka Nature Preserve, and the Anoka Aquatic Center. It is also home to the Anoka Technical College and former US Representative Michele Bachmann.

O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home also serves the surrounding area, including: Bethel, East Bethel, Linwood, Oak Grove, Cedar, Cedar East Bethel, Circle Pines, Columbus, Lexington, Lino Lakes, St Francis, Andover, Nowthen, Ramsey, County Market, Ham Lake, Soderville, Columbia Heights, Fridley, Hilltop, Minneapolis, St Anthony, St Anthony Village, and Spring Lake Park. Therefore, no matter where you live in the area, you can have the best services available in your time of need.

About Direct Cremation

With direct cremation, the body is cremated in the days following the death, and there is no service beforehand. It is the most economical option available. This eliminates the need for an expensive casket and the need for embalming or other body preparations. The service will then be held on another date. The funeral home will take care of the death certificate and the transportation of the body to the facility. We know funeral expenses can be unexpected and costly, and we like to provide everyone with the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones with the proper service they deserve, without putting the family into debt in the process.

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time. Please call us at (651) 504-1731.

We look forward to serving you.

Quality care has been a tradition at O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home for more than 100 years. Core values include respect, compassion, dignity, and friendship. The O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home strives to create the perfect environment for celebrating the life of a loved one. They are committed to providing compassionate care in a professional setting as families deal with one of the most difficult experiences they'll ever face. O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home maintains consistent attention to detail and an unparalleled spectrum of services to ensure high-quality care and industry best practices.

Remembering a Loved One

When choosing cremation, families are afforded a great deal of flexibility when deciding upon funeral and cemetery arrangements. Some families choose to have a complete funeral service with viewing and have their loved one cremated after the service. Others may choose to have a memorial service after cremation, thereby not requiring the embalming and viewing. Another option is for a committal, or scattering ceremony, after cremation. These can be held at a cemetery, ceremonial garden, or on public or private property. No services at all are required, if this is what a family prefers. Families may also choose to have cremated remains returned to their care.

The O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home proudly serves the City of Minneapolis. The county seat of Hennepin County is the 14th largest city in the US, with 3.8 million residents. It lay on the banks of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers, and features more than 20 lakes and wetlands. A big hub for international business, Minneapolis has the 5th-highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the US. The city is rich in culture and arts and includes one of the five largest modern art museums in the US, the Walker Art Center. Visitors to Minneapolis can enjoy the exciting nightlife, high-end dining options, and a variety of entertainment.


Minnesota's 4th largest city is home to the Mall of America, America's largest indoor mall with over 520 stores. It's also the home of the Minnesota Zoo, the SeaLife Aquarium, WaterPark of America, and the Bell Museum of Natural History. With a thriving downtown area and a wide variety of shops and restaurants, there's something to pique everyone's interest in Bloomington. The O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home serves the communities of Bloomington.

Brooklyn Park

The O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home offers their services to the community of Brooklyn Park. There's always something to do in Brooklyn Park year-round. Located on the west bank of the Mississippi River in northwest Hennepin County, Brooklyn Park prides itself on providing a high quality of life to residents. There are a variety of golf courses, recreational programs, and community activities.

O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home serves the city of Brooklyn Center, home to the headquarters of Caribou Coffee. Champlin, where you'll find the Father Hennepin Festival each year in July, is also within the funeral home's catchment area.

To the west is Wayzata and Corcoran, which was named for the city's first postmaster, Patrick B. Corcoran. The larger St. Louis Park is growing fast, with large Jewish and Russian populations. You'll find Crystal and Crystal Bay along the Minnesota State Highway 100, and Shorewood includes the three islands on Lake Minnetonka.

Even part of Dayton is in Hennepin County. Another edge city is Eden Prairie, home to the Minnesota Vikings and ranked as Money Magazine's 2010 Best Place to Live in America. Edina's Baird and Grimes neighborhoods are historic places on the National Register, and Golden Valley is the headquarters of General Mills.

Also served are the cities of St. Anthony, St. Paul, Maple Grove and Medina. Stop in at Hopkins in July for the Hopkins Raspberry Festival, Independence for its weekly Delano Farmers Market and Minnetonka for the headquarters of the largest private company in America, Cargill.

O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home also serves Minnetrista, Mound, New Hope, Otsego, Plymouth, Richfield, Robbinsdale and Rogers.

Direct Cremation

The O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home offers direct cremation services to the Ramsey and Hennepin County region. Cremation is an increasingly popular means of final disposition of remains, and it is expected that by 2018 more than 50% of Americans will choose cremation.

There are several key factors contributing to the growth of cremation, including a drive for new traditions, a variety of available service options, and greater affordability. Contributing to the cost factor of traditional burial are the expenses associated with embalming, viewing, and burial. While cost may not be the foremost consideration in one's mind during a time of grief, reducing these costs can help to lessen stress at a time when many people are already struggling emotionally. Choosing cremation is also viewed as environmentally friendly, as it preserves many of the resources used in a traditional burial and doesn't require the use of already-limited space for burial.

An awareness that cremation is carried out with the utmost reverence and respect for the deceased can bring comfort to loved ones as they begin their journey toward healing. Great care is taken with each cremation, as each is performed individually in a carefully controlled system. The entire process typically takes less than three hours from beginning to end.

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time. Please call us at (866) 333-5130

We look forward to serving you.

The O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Home has been serving the St. Paul, MN region for over a century. Their tradition is one of quality cremation services that offer compassion for well-wishers and dignity for those passing. Their expansive facilities include two large gathering rooms, a private family lounge, a children's playroom, a large community/dining room, and ample parking.

O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Home understands that families are rarely prepared when it comes time to plan a funeral or cremation. They are available to assist at any time, day or night. Their professionally trained staff can provide the needed insight to help you create a funeral experience that honors the life of the deceased and helps family and friends left behind begin a journey of healing. Their dedicated and professionally trained staff will assist you in planning a meaningful funeral or memorial service. A licensed funeral director will patiently walk you through every step of the process, thoroughly explaining key decisions that need to be made and helping you obtain necessary legal documentation. Every life tells a story, and they seek to reflect the true spirit and character of the deceased in a celebration of a life, a celebration that fits your needs and values.

There are many available options, including a traditional funeral service with burial, graveside service, funeral service with cremation, direct cremation with memorial service, or direct cremation without a service or memorial. In a traditional funeral service with burial, the family can opt for a viewing where the deceased lies in repose in an open casket. The deceased is then committed to the grave. An option with growing popularity is cremation.

When choosing cremation, it is still possible to have a traditional funeral service with viewing, with the deceased being cremated after the service. Some families choose a memorial service, where the deceased is cremated prior to the service in what's referred to as direct cremation. The cremated remains are typically displayed in an urn, surrounded by family photos and other things that were precious to the deceased. When direct cremation is chosen, the deceased will not be embalmed and is not available for viewing. There are many available options for the disposition of the cremated remains. A family may choose to take the cremated remains home for safe keeping, or they can arrange for the remains to be interred in a gravesite or above-ground vault or mausoleum, or the family may wish to arrange a scattering ceremony.

Cremation Services in the St. Paul Region

At O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Home, they are able to offer cremation at their own state-of-the-art facility or, when necessary, may utilize an independent provider. They have highly trained staff to carry out this procedure, and it is a process they take very seriously. They make certain their cremation chambers are impeccably maintained at all times. They are able to ensure your loved one is kept in a secure, locked area until the cremation takes place. They adhere to the highest industry standards. A member of their staff attends and witnesses every cremation, whether it takes place at their facility or at an outside facility.

St. Paul Cremations

O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Home is proud to serve the St. Paul region. St. Paul is the state capital and second most populous city in Minnesota, with nearly 300,000 residents. Bordering on the east bank of the Mississippi, the city adjoins Minneapolis in a confluence known as the "Twin Cities." St. Paul has been recognized nationally for a high quality of life for its residents. St. Paul boasts the longest stretch of restored Victorian era homes in the US on Summit Ave., a tourism hotspot.

Blaine Cremation Service Providers

Their services are also available to the community of Blaine. Blaine is a community of less than 60,000 located in Anoka County. It is part of the Twin Cities Metro Area. Blaine features 4 lakes, wetlands, and agricultural land. It is a great place to raise a family, take a relaxing vacation, or enjoy retirement.


A community of less than 18 square miles and 40,000 residents, Maplewood possesses the charm often associated with small towns. Just 10 miles from downtown St. Paul, Maplewood is a great place to escape the hectic pace of big city life.

O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Home is proud to offer their services to the city of Maplewood. In addition to St. Paul, Blaine, and Maplewood, they're pleased to be able to offer their services to the communities of Falcon Heights, Mounds View, Dellwood, Shoreview, White Bear Lake Roseville, Minn Mining Boxes, North Oaks, Grant Township, No Oaks, West St Paul, Grant, Little Canada, White Bear Township, New Brighton, Gem Lake, Lauderdale, Lino Lakes, Vadnais Heights, North St Paul, Birchwood, and Arden Hills.

O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home began serving the community over 100 years ago. In 1876, Patrick O'Halloran opened up a storefront funeral parlor. He moved locations a few times before they arrived at the current location. The present location opened its doors in 1961. They added on a memorial chapel in 2001.

O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home's mission is to serve the community. They welcome all denominations, nationalities, races, and financial statuses. The staff will work with anyone to make payment plans so each service will be special and will make a special memory. O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home is there for every customer to listen, consult, and understand. They are sensitive to every customer's needs.

The staff was invited to join Selected Independent Funeral Homes, a professional organization of 1,600 independently owned funeral homes around the United States.

They provide a range of services including cremation. The cremation services are done on site and are upheld to the highest standards. The staff is highly professional and skilled. They use beautifully decorated urns that come in wood, marble, and ceramic. Customers can design a beautiful urn that tells the story of the person it contains.

O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home uses an offsite crematory at the Roseville Memorial Cremation and Funeral Chapel. The cremation services are professional and offer a great remembrance of people. Even with cremation, there can still be a traditional service and burial. Also optional, the ashes can be scattered in a place that is special to the departed.

O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home services three major areas: Woodbury, Hastings, and Cottage Grove.

Woodbury is a very nature-fueled community. The city contains over 45 parks and trails. Beside the love of nature, the city has become very metropolitan in the past few years. It has become a city for tourism and entertainment. It has two golf courses, one private and one public. Woodbury also has the Minnesota Sting, a semi-pro football team. The city is home to many restaurants, parades, carnivals, and even an outdoor pool.

Hastings was originally a military fort back in the 1800s. It was also a railroad city. It was at the crossing of the Hastings and Dakota Railway and the Stillwater and Hastings Railway. It was a famous railway depot during the Depression. Today it still has a historic railway, but mainly for tourism. It also has other points of interest, including vineyards, historic estates, multiple historic districts, the Ramsey Mill Ruins, and the Vermillion Falls Park.

Cottage Grove, Minnesota lies on the bank of the Mississippi River. Once a rural township, it is now known for the state's first creameries and wheat production. Cottage Grove came to be in 1871. Cottage Grove has annual cultural events such as Strawberry Fest. It has parades, festivals, fireworks, and carnival games. There are many historic places in Cottage Grove, such as the Historic Cedarhurst Mansion, Schilling Archaeological District, and the Cottage Grove Town Hall. It also is home to the North Bank Bulls, a semi-pro football team.

O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home also serves all of Washington County's prestigious towns and cities. These include Afton, home to the popular Afton State Park; Bayport, where you'll find no less than four public parks; Forest Lake, which has Minnesota's largest black ash tree; Grant, named for Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant; Hugo, found on U.S. Highway 61; Lake Elmo, with its busy Lake Elmo Airport; and Lake St Croix Beach, home to Jimmy's Pizza. The funeral home also serves Oakdale, St Mary's Point and Newport.

You'll also find Baytown in Washington County. It's a small township with less than 2,000 people. Similarly sized is Lakeland, where you'll find the historic John T. Cyphers House. Landfall Village was twice named the best place for young people to live by America's Promise. Mahtomedi has The Lakeside Club, which was featured in the 1996 movie Fargo, and Marine on St Croix has a village hall dating back to 1888.

O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home also serves Centerville, White Bear Lake, Willernie, Columbus, Copas, Lino Lakes, Otisville, Scandia, St Paul and St Paul Park. Oak Park Heights' Log Cabin restaurant is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the town of Stillwater can be found at the intersection of Minnesota State Highways 95 and 96.

O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home strives to be professional and make every service special. Families deserve to have a last special memory of their loved ones. O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Home believes cremation is a great choice, with the same traditional services of a normal burial. They also have a reception hall for holding a reception after the service. It is the perfect place to share food and memories of the lost loved one. During this hard time, compassion and professionalism are what we value the most. The funeral home can help you plan the perfect event to remember your loved one.