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The J. F. Floyd Mortuary

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The J. F. Floyd Mortuary, Spartanburg, SC

The J. F. Floyd Mortuary began its operations in 1886, and it has now spent 130 years caring for families from all walks of life, religions, and ethnicities. The J. F. Floyd Mortuary believes that it is a privilege to serve families and help them design and arrange a service and/or celebration that reflects the life that was lived.

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Both traditional burials and cremation are options, and memorial services, if any, are tailored to individual desire. J. F. Floyd Mortuary invites families to honor their loved one’s life by offering a variety of choices that recognize the deceased’s unique personality, such as traditional tributes, patriotic tributes, bringing the family together, playing a reminiscent card game, and much more. It also offers keepsakes like urns, pots, or cremation jewelry.

J. F. Floyd Mortuary can even help with pet services. Also available are private cremations, viewing cremations, individual cremations, or communal cremation. Whatever final arrangement option is chosen, J. F. Floyd helps people to remember and respect their loved one’s life and memory.

The J. F. Floyd Mortuary and SimpleCremationUSA work together to provide simple, efficient options for cremation services from the comfort of your own home. Rest assured, the deceased will be handled with the utmost professional care.

All employees are always dressed and prepped to treat the deceased with great dignity. From the respectful transfer of the body to the well-maintained, secure transfer vehicle, your loved one will be cared for in every way possible.

Once the person has arrived at the crematory, our staff is responsible for tracking every movement to ensure that there are no errors. We offer a unique service that allows peace of mind in identification, the Posi-ID Portal. Within this area of SimpleCremationUSA, you are able to make an online positive identification of your loved one, ensuring complete confidence that you are receiving the correct Cremated Remains. Before the cremation, one last ID is performed by a senior member of the staff to make 100% sure that you receive the correct remains.

The J. F. Floyd Mortuary and SimpleCremationUSA would like you to know we are here with you throughout this difficult time and are ready to assist you in every way.

Welcome to We’re here to help you make complete cremation arrangements from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, there’s no need to ever visit a funeral home, but rest assured, we are right here if you need us.

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time. Please call us at (866) 333-5130.

We look forward to serving you.

Cremation Services Gaffney, SC

J. F. Floyd Mortuary has spent over 125 years proudly serving families in the Spartanburg, South Carolina community and beyond. Founded in 1886 on the highest principles of service, J. F. Floyd Mortuary will assist and perform cremation services for those from all religions, ethnicities, and walks of life. The highly trained and experienced professionals of J. F. Floyd Mortuary believe cremation can be a healthy part of the healing process, and they pride themselves on offering the best and most respectful cremation service available.

J. F. Floyd Mortuary has several locations in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is the largest city in its namesake county, and the twelfth largest city in the state. The area was once a highly cherished hunting region by the Catawba and Cherokee tribes, and therefore boasts quite a bit of beautiful scenery. Popular attractions include Lawson’s Fork Creek, the Cottonwood Trail, and Hatcher Garden, and Woodland Preserve. Combined with a temperate climate for much of the year, Spartanburg is undoubtedly a beautiful choice for the location of a cremation ceremony for a cherished loved one.

Founded in the 1800s by an Irish immigrant, Gaffney, South Carolina is one of the largest cities J. F. Floyd provides cremation services for. The city, located in the northernmost part of the state, has only a modest population, but quite a bit of history. Gaffney also hosts a popular farmer’s market weekly, and also offers a very popular summer concert series.

Additionally, Gaffney is known as ‘The Peach Capital’ of South Carolina, and boasts of its love for the fruit with a 150-foot tall peach-shaped water tower that has become a popular tourist attraction, known as ‘the Peachoid.’

North of Gaffney sits the small town of Blacksburg. Just off Interstate 85, and just four miles south of the North Carolina border, Blacksburg was founded in the 1800s and it owes its early growth to a discovery of iron ore in the area. Though Blacksburg was incorporated into the state in 1888 with its current name, it still holds the nickname ‘Iron City.’

Cherokee Falls Cremations

Just south of Blacksburg lies an unincorporated community called Cherokee Falls. Sitting aside the Broad River, Cherokee falls was formally a mill town, until disincorporation in the late 1990s. Once the Cherokee Falls Cotton Mill, this historic place is now a large distributor of Herbie’s Famous Fireworks.

Cremations in Kings Creek

Kings Creek is an extremely small community located in Cherokee County, South Carolina. It is best known for its glorious set of trails and waterfalls in the area, popular with hikers and nature-lovers alike. Kings Creek, Cherokee Falls, and Blacksburg are but a few minutes away from each other, and they are about a half an hour north east of Spartanburg, South Carolina, the heart of J. F. Floyd Mortuary’s operations.

Chesnee Cremations

To J. F. Floyd Mortuary’s north lies the extremely small town of Chesnee, whose last recorded population was just 1,003 people. Despite its size, Chesnee has much to offer visitors, including the historical Cowpens National Battlefield, Strawberry Hill USA, the Zeno Hicks House, and the more eclectic Carolina Foothills resort, a family-oriented nudist camp.

Cremation Services

J. F. Floyd Mortuary’s experienced staff recommends a full funeral and/or memorial service before choosing to have a loved one cremated. With a focus on helping devastated families move through the grieving process and heal, choosing to have a ceremony beforehand is said to help this immensely, as someone’s need for a healing experience is not lessened by their decision to choose cremation. They stress strongly that cremation is simply a way that a family has decided to deal with remains, and the best decision for a family is to choose services that help them to grieve and heal in the best way. They have a very wide range of services available that can be held before the cremation ceremony, and the way you wish to honor your loved one at J. F. Floyd Mortuary is proclaimed to be ‘only limited by your imagination.’

J.F. Floyd Mortuary has been caring for generations of Americans since 1886. They have spent over 125 years providing funeral services in Spartanburg County. They pride themselves in serving families from all walks of life, religions, and ethnicities. When you choose J.F. Floyd Mortuary, you can expect a personalized service that honors and celebrates the life of your loved one.

One of the personalized choices J.F. Floyd Mortuary provides is cremation services. If cremation is your choice of preparation, their trusted staff can carefully walk you through your preferences. You get to choose at what point in the funeral process you would like your loved one to be cremated, which leaves you options like providing a viewing beforehand. The cremated remains can then be memorialized, buried, scattered, or a combination of such. These personalized touches help make J.F. Floyd Mortuary the most trusted choice in all of Spartanburg County.

Greenville is the sixth-largest municipality in South Carolina, as well as the fastest growing urban area. It has a rich history: it was once the hunting ground for the Cherokee from which colonists were forbidden until The Treaty of Dewitt's Corner in 1777 ceded almost all Cherokee land to South Carolina. During World War I, Greenville served as a training camp center for the Army.

Greer Cremations

Greer is a city located between Greenville and Spartanburg County in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The natural beauty of the mountains and lakes makes Greer a beautiful place to reside, as it provides big-city amenities while maintaining a small-town feel. Visual and theater arts are thriving in the city thanks to the all that the Greer Cultural Arts Council has to offer, including the Greer Children’s Theater.

Simpsonville has been named one of the Ten Best Towns for Families by Family Circle magazine and one of the 25 Best Affordable Cities by Money magazine. It's easy to see why when you explore all of the amazing destinations and activities the city has to offer. The best way to take in all that Simpsonville has to offer is by participating in a historic walking tour, where you can see everything from the Hunter House to the Music Dormitory to the Clock Tower. It’s a wonderful place to live.

Cremation Services in Spartanburg County

J.F. Floyd Mortuary also serves Batesville, Park Place, Powdersville, Cleveland, Conestee, Fountain Inn, Marietta, Mauldin, Piedmont, Slater, Taylors, Tigerville, and Travelers Rest.

With all that Spartanburg County and its surrounding areas have to offer the people of South Carolina, J.F. Floyd Mortuary is honored and proud to provide the best possible service in honoring loved ones after they have passed.

About Direct Cremations

For those who find themselves particularly worried about the costs that go into planning for a loved one’s funeral, one of the services provided by J.F. Floyd Mortuary is direct cremation. Direct cremation through SimpleCremationOnline involves only the minimal services necessary to cremate a body, greatly reducing the cost compared to a traditional funeral service while still allowing the family options in how to memorialize their loved one.

Direct cremation has become one of the most popular options for the deceased, as it offers more flexibility on the choices of memorial. Choosing a burial can be an expensive proposition and one that can seem to build in cost. Instead, a direct cremation’s fees are transparent and straightforward, and it is much easier to plan and budget around it. We are proud to be able to offer such an important high-quality service through cremation providers like J.F. Floyd Mortuary.

The experience and commitment to family values you will encounter when choosing J.F. Floyd Mortuary for your cremation services is like none other. In times of need, it is reassuring to know that those responsible for taking care of your loved ones are of the utmost moral standard. J.F. Floyd Mortuary exemplifies professionalism and compassion in ways that South Carolina has come to expect and exceeds those expectations like only a century-old institution can.

Having spent 130 years taking care of the communities they service with the utmost respect, J.F. Floyd Mortuary is the only reasonable choice when concerning matters of the heart. If your loved one has chosen the method of cremation, they will be taken care of by a secure and trustworthy process that has benefitted people from all walks of life.

In addition to the comfort of knowing that the deceased will be handled with compassion the way in which they have chosen, maintaining a home-like environment for the family is also extremely important. J.F. Floyd Mortuary is fortunate enough to have a staff of some of the most empathetic people in the world. The physical remains of those who have departed will be maintained in a respectful manner, and the family will be aided through every step of the grieving process with unconditional consideration. It is the belief of some that cremation may limit the manner in which one can mourn the life of a loved one. At J.F. Floyd Mortuary, the only limits to how one is remembered are the preferences of the deceased and their loved ones.

As the largest city in the entire county, it should come as no shock that that the J.F. Floyd Mortuary has been servicing Spartanburg for over a century with a reputation as stellar as the community itself. Home to the Carolina Panthers training camp every summer, in addition to a litany of culturally expansive museums year-round, the city is one that truly lives by their motto: “Always Doing.” The Hub City (as it's referred to by longstanding residents) is one of the most lively places that the state of South Carolina has to offer; a historic haven with a great deal of historic landmarks.

Nestled between Spartanburg and Greenville counties is the picturesque city of Greer, another city the J.F. Floyd Mortuary has often serviced in times of need. Being called home to a population of less than 30,000 residents doesn't limit the scope of this city in any way. Greer is home to the BMW Performance Driving Center, where attendees can test drive the high-performance vehicles with just a learner’s permit. Greer is also home to the BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament, a 4-day competition that has seen the likes of Kevin Costner, Catherine Bell, Kurt Russell, Luke Wilson, John Elway, Dennis Quaid, George Lopez, and Wayne Gretzky.

The city of Woodruff is known for a pristine level of “small town charm” that the J.F. Floyd Mortuary is always cognizant of when residents request services. With a wide range of dining options, shopping centers, and a convenient day spa, time is certainly well spent in the heart of Upstate South Carolina. The city emits an aura of Southern charm that can't be duplicated. An open door policy allowing any organization the opportunity to propose and sponsor an event makes this town a progressive locale that's more than worth a second look.

Should you be from Boiling Springs, Fairforest, Duncan, Glenn Springs, Roebuck, Campobello, Cross Anchor, Glendale or Moore, the J.F. Floyd is the mortuary of choice. We also work with J.F. Floyd Mortuary to provide services for the residents of Fingerville, Clifton, Arcadia, Lyman, Converse, Drayton, Reidville, Gramling, Una, Pauline, Mayo, and Chesnee. Last but not least, Cowpens, Pacolet Mills, White Stone Inman, Enoree, Wellford, and Landrum are also serviced.

Being held to such a high standard for so long is something that the J.F. Floyd Mortuary takes great pride in. Cremation services are a serious matter, and the long list of communities that consistently choose J.F. Floyd Mortuary is standing testament to the level of commitment and dedication you expect for your loved ones.

J. F. Floyd Mortuary has served the people of Polk County for over 125 years. They understand the importance and impact that death can have on families. Therefore, their innate ability to tap into the personality of the deceased and bring that out during the funeral really makes them stand apart from other similar services provided in the area.

Cremation is an important part of dying, and the wishes of the deceased must be respected. Cremation services offered by J. F. Floyd Mortuary help the family grieve in the way it should. The sense of professionalism with which they provide their services is unparalleled, and this is obvious whenever one avails their services.

Tryon is a town in Polk County with a population of 1,626, hidden between the Blue Ridge Mountains, giving the residents plenty to go outdoors for. The town played a major role in the 17th century during the French and Indian War, and got its name after the prominent leader William Tryon.

Columbus is another town on the outskirts of Polk County with a population of 999. J. F. Floyd Mortuary has performed many cremations and funerals for Columbus residents over the past 125 years, as it is a mainly residential area with many families choosing this place to settle.

Smaller communities such as Lynn and Mill Spring are also under the umbrella of J. F. Floyd Mortuary’s diligent services whenever the need for cremation services has arisen. This is also true for the community of Saluda, where they are known for their prompt service and their ability to step in when required.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is a cremation option that usually means the skipping of the embalming and viewing stage, but it also gives families the chance to have a ceremony for the deceased. There are several factors to be considered when death of a person takes place in the family, and the cost of the ceremony is one of them. It should be noted that direct cremation usually turns out to be less expensive than the other options available, hence giving families more resources to focus on the other expenses that arise after the departure of a loved one. There is a certain sense of transparency that is made clear with direct cremation, as the process is quite straightforward.

J. F. Floyd Mortuary has excellent standards, and their strong presence in this business for 125 years speaks for itself the kind of professionalism that they have during such critical moments. The staff infuses processes with a certain sense of honor and professionalism that directly translates into the ceremony being calm and less hectic for the family.

There are very strict guidelines that are followed in the cremation chambers that ensure the highest level of treatment. Until the very last moment when the cremation process begins, the deceased is in the safe hands of the professional staff, who are expertly trained in handling the bodies. All staff wear clean and professional uniforms and honor the ceremony with a sense of purpose and dignity.

There are strict guidelines to be followed so that details and other personal information and remains are not jumbled with other customers. The different stages of the services are always executed on time. There are supervisors who oversee every little detail throughout the entire process, which makes it run smoothly and efficiently so that the family can take the time to grieve in peace. SimpleCremationOnline is proud to offer J. F. Floyd Mortuary as our preferred cremation service provider in the Polk County area.

As J. F. Floyd Mortuary says, cremation only refers to the manner in which you or your loved one has chosen to deal with the physical remains of the departed’s body. Why is this important? Cremation services have full access to everything that a standard funeral or burial would. You are not limited in any way when choosing a cremation service. J. F. Floyd Mortuary in fact encourages a full service, as it is often beneficial to your healing process.

J. F. Floyd Mortuary is a well-known and well-respected funeral service provider, having been around since 1886. Not only do they have long-standing roots of over 125 years, but they also have 70-plus years of experience between their managers. They are very experienced in making the process as smooth as possible, with the help of their caring and friendly staff. No matter what your faith, religion, or belief, you will find help at J.F. Floyd Mortuary. You will receive expert care and a helpful and caring experience. You are given a guarantee of satisfaction.

Formerly known as Burnt Chimney, Forest City can be found just to the east of Spindale, North Carolina. It is home to a beautiful Municipal Golf Course, one of the best places around to relax and enjoy your day. Forest City covers an area of 8.2 miles, and as of the 2010 census had a population of 7,476. It is also the home of many museums, including the Rutherford County Farm Museum and the Bennett Classical Auto Museum.

Moreover, when Christmastime rolls around you will see downtown Forest City sparkle with over 500,000 lights and horse-drawn carriage rides.

In 2010, Forest City was selected as the site for a new 450-million dollar data center for the social media giant Facebook. Don’t forget to check out the Forest City Owls baseball team, member of the Coastal Plain League, a collegiate summer league.

J. F. Floyd Mortuary often provides its services to Forest City, and the mortuary is SimpleCremationOnline’s preferred supplier for the area.

Nearby Rutherfordton was formed over 230 years ago, back in 1787. Being established so long ago led Rutherfordton to be the location for North Carolina’s first post office, in 1798.

Spindale is known as a family-friendly, safe city and home of the Kid Senses Interactive Children’s museum. The Spindale House is also definitely worth checking out. It offers meeting rooms, weight rooms that open daily, volleyball leagues, basketball, a game room, and two tennis courts.

Spindale has managed to remain tucked away in this overly populated, crowded world. It has retained a steady population of just under 5,000 people for many years now. Home of the Isothermal Community College, this is a lovely city that you have to see to appreciate. All of J. F. Floyd Mortuary’s services are offered in this wonderful city, and we are happy to have them as our preferred provider.

The funeral director also offers full services to smaller cities too, such as Bostic, Corinth, Golden Valley, Sunshine, Caroleen, Cliffside, Dobbinsville, Ellenboro, Hollis, Alexander Mills, Harris, Henrietta, Gilkey, Logan Station, Shingle Hollow, Westminster, Union Mills, Chimney Rock, and Lake Lure. So if you are on this long list, please do not hesitate to give us a call and even just plan. Remember we are always respectful, polite, and professional when helping you in your time of grief, and, as our preferred provider in the Rutherford County area, J. F. Floyd Mortuary is the right choice for a respectful and efficient cremation performed to the highest possible standard.

J. F. Floyd Mortuary, located in Spartanburg, SC and serving the communities of Union County, is committed to helping families heal after the loss of a loved one. They work with families to create a meaningful ceremony that honors a life in a dignified manner. In business for more than 125 years, J. F. Floyd Mortuary’s managers have a total of over 70 years of combined experience in providing guidance and support to families, as well as a team of dedicated and professional staff.

J. F. Floyd Mortuary is proud to offer cremation services, a means of final disposition through heat and evaporation. As cultural taboos have fallen away, cremation has risen in popularity dramatically in the past few decades as people envision the earthly vestiges left behind spending an eternity among the stars, pressed into lab-created jewels, or languishing amidst the coral reef at the bottom of a vast ocean.

Cremation allows for a traditional funeral service and burial or, if preferred, cremation can be performed and a life celebrated through a memorialization ceremony or scattering ceremony. Cremated remains can be buried, interred in a ceremonial garden or columbarium, or scattered in a location that was special to the deceased.

Cremation has caught on as an option that is more affordable, environmentally friendly, and amenable to a more mobile lifestyle. As embalming and traditional burial are unnecessary with cremation, cremation presents a more cost-effective option. Cremation also helps to preserve limited resources required in traditional burial, including rare woods and metals, cement, and already limited green space. With people making an average of five moves across a lifetime in our modern era, cremation allows people to keep a loved one close without the concerns of tending a grave left behind in another location.

Cremation is performed in a tightly controlled process, utilizing a chamber that is large enough to accommodate just one person at a time. Remains are carefully identified to ensure they are returned to the proper family. Cremation facilities allow one or more family members to witness cremation, if desired.

Abundant in friendliness and basking in Southern hospitality, the City of Union has built a community based on traditional values and progressive attitudes. Located in the Piedmont region, Union is conveniently located near to Greenville, Columbia, and Charlotte. The city offers a vibrant business environment that thrives on technology. It’s also rural, peaceful, and has a small-town feel.

Named for the Union Church, which was built in 1765, early settlers were Scotch-Irish from Virginia and Pennsylvania. Union County was the site of Revolutionary War battles Musgrove’s Mill and Battle of Blackstock. Union’s historic downtown area features an array of specialty shops, breathtaking architecture, and an old-fashioned tree-lined Main Street. Visitors will see historical buildings such as the Robert Mills-designed old jailhouse and the Union County Museum.

Union is home to more than 100 churches which are an integral part of the community, offering services to help the needy, senior citizens, and working with young people. The annual Union County Agricultural Fair features a carnival and musical entertainment among the weeklong events at the fairgrounds. The Cross Keys Plantation in Union has several buildings open for tours, including the 1814 plantation house, antebellum log cabin, blacksmith shop, and barn and carriage house. Recent additions to this attraction include a Colonial kitchen building and smoke house. One of the oldest homes in upstate South Carolina, Cross Keys Plantation is located on a knoll at Old Buncombe Road and Old Ninety Six.

Union also hosts the Uniquely Union BBQ Festival each September, where world-class BBQ masters offer some of the tastiest cookout fare in the South. Motorsports enthusiasts can enjoy GNCC off-road biking, ATV racing, and IHRA-sanctioned drag racing shows.

Other communities in the region served by J. F. Floyd Mortuary include Carlisle, located on the north bank of Crooked Creek; Leeds, a quiet bedroom community of Charleston; Tuckertown, a great place to catch some catfish at Tuckertown Lake; Buffalo, which features a large expanse of flat rocks with saline properties that attracted the buffalo herds for which the town is named; Jonesville, home of the McWhirter House and Means House, properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places; and Lockhart, a town of less than 500, just one-tenth of a square mile, and home to the historic McCollum Fish Weir.