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Holman Funeral Home and Cremations

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Holman Funeral Home, Ozark, AL

Holman Funeral Home has professionally served the Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston, and Pike area for the past 85 years. Holman Funeral Home offers extensive experience and guidance on all final arrangements and strives to relieve any stress and anxiety so that bereaved families can concentrate on mourning their loved ones.

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Location Information

Cremation Services Provided by O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Homes

At the present locations, they continue to provide the same excellent service and care. As such, they are honored to be members of Selected Independent Funeral Homes. O'Halloran and Murphy Funeral Homes is a full-service provider that includes traditional funerals, cremation services, and memorial services. They offer the same attentive, personalized services, whether it is for a small gathering or a huge ceremony. Their locations have ample parking areas, large gathering rooms, and, at selected locations, even a private family lounge with a children's room.

In recent years, cremation is becoming a more popular choice for many individuals. Cremation offers flexibly and burial options, and it is usually the least costly when compared to other options. It is also the most environmentally sound choice because it saves land space.

O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Homes works with SimpleCremationUSA to give you a service that is quick, easy, convenient, and can be done entirely from your home computer. With this service, your loved one will handled with complete care. All of O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Home's staff are highly trained and professional. They are committed to maintaining the standards set forth by SimpleCremationUSA.

Staff will arrived professionally dressed and conduct themselves in a manner that shows the dignity and care needed for your loved one. Transfer will be performed in a secure vehicle that is expertly maintained, fitted with the correct platforms, and locked to ensure proper security at all times.

Upon arrival at the crematory, one of O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Homes' skilled staff members will ensure that your loved one is monitored throughout the entire process. Prior to cremation, a family member will be required to make a positive identification, and that may be accomplished easily online via our secure Posi-ID Portal.

After identification is made by a family member, trained staff will attend and witness the start of the cremation process to ensure you receive the remains of the person identified.

O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Homes and SimpleCremationUSA are here to assist and guide you through this difficult time.

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time. Please call us at (866) 333-5130.

We look forward to serving you.

Holman Funeral Home provides friendly, professional funeral services for those in the Coffee County area. Located in Dale, Holman Funeral Home provides timely, personalized services that are designed to always meet your expectations during this difficult time in your life. You’ll find all of the traditional funeral services available, as well as exceptional cremation services.

Cremation is one of the many provided funeral services offered by Holman Funeral Home. Their experienced funeral directors are licensed to perform cremation services and do so with your care in mind. Many reasons exist for choosing a cremation. No matter why your loved one wanted to be cremated or the reason you’ve chosen this service, you can always count on Holman Funeral Home to surpass your needs.

Towns Served

Although their funeral home is located in Dale, they service all of the Coffee County area. This includes:

Enterprise Cremation Services

Enterprise is the largest city in Coffee County, Alabama, with just under 30,000 residents. The city has friendly, smiling faces that are home- and family-oriented. Enterprise is home to the Boll Weevil Museum, as well as a number of other interesting points of interests, artifacts, and attractions. This includes Enterprise State Community College, Depot Museum, and more.

Elba Cremation Providers

Elba is one of the smallest towns in Coffee County, with less than 4,000 residents. Elba was established as a town in 1841 and, while growth has been slow since this time, one thing that has remained the same is the friendly people who possess that great Southern hospitality.

Holman Funeral Home also serves the towns of Jack, New Brockton, Emprise, Chesnutt Grove, Kinston, and Victoria. They’re always ready to help you make it through this difficult time with their personalized services and great prices through SimpleOnlineCremation.

Holman Funeral Home Offers Direct Cremation Services

With direct cremation services you can save time and money by skipping the process of embalming and direct viewing. A memorial is still possible to be made during this type of cremation. Professional cremation experts take care of your needs from start to finish, and we’re here to guide you on any of the parts of the process you may be unsure about.

Why Choose Holman Funeral Home for Cremation Services?

While they offer all of the traditional funeral services, they take special pride in their cremation services. There are many reasons to choose Holman Funeral Home for your cremation needs. First, their prices are among the best in the entire state of Alabama. Second, they offer personalized attention at a time that you need it the most. The cost of cremation is much less than the cost of a traditional funeral as well. No matter what your needs, you can call us and we will answer any questions that you may have, as well as provide you with more information about the process of cremation.

Holman Funeral Home is the name in Coffee County that you can always turn to for dedicated services that extend beyond your expectations.

Simple Cremation Online

Looking for cremation services near you? Having high standards is what makes all of our service providers like Holman Funeral Home trusted in the community. We take the professionalism and training of staff very seriously. Their staff will ensure that your loved one is kept in a secure and locked area until the time for cremation arrives, when they will then be placed in their highly maintained cremation chamber. Tracking and identification while in the crematorium is of the utmost importance to us and we have strict checks with cremation providers. This ensures that all cremations are performed on time and witnessed by an official member of the funeral home staff.

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time. Please call us at (866) 333-5130

We look forward to serving you.

Serving the Dale community for more than 85 years, Holman Funeral Home is a place families have turned to in their time of need for services honoring their departed loved ones. Holman Funeral Home is committed to the cornerstones of personalized service, flexibility, and affordability. Recognizing that each individual has lived a unique and life rich with personal passions and interests, Holman Funeral Home works with families to ensure loved ones are celebrated in a manner that is reflective of dignity, compassion, and richness of spirit.

Founded in 1929, founder Kenneth Holman began his business more than 85 years ago when the word ‘service’ meant something. Holman Funeral Home believes service still means something today. An exceptional level of service is what the Dale community has come to expect from Holman Funeral Home, as families seek a dignified send-off for their loved ones. Holman Funeral Home and Cremations is proud to honor the devoted mothers and fathers, relatives, or business associates entrusted to their care. As a family-owned business, they are able to offer the flexibility of a service or memorial that truly reflects the extraordinary qualities of the person being honored.

Independent and Locally Owned

As the oldest independent and locally owned funeral home in Dale County, they can offer the affordability of services that others can't. They're grateful to have engendered the trust and confidence of the small rural community of Dale for more than 80 years. They’re committed to offering the community the choice of a locally owned business, which means the opportunity to deal with people who live right here in your local community and friends, neighbors, and people who understand the true spirit of Dale. They're proud to be a vital part of that community and are happy to offer a personal touch far beyond that of a large and impersonal corporation. They're proud to be your shelter in the storm since 1929.

Dothan Direct Cremations

Holman Funeral Home is also proud to provide funeral and cremation services for the city of Dothan, just 20 miles from the Georgia state line and 16 miles from the Florida state line. Strategically located, steeped with the charm and friendliness of the South, first-rate educational opportunities, and the amenities of larger cities, they believe their values align perfectly with those of Dothan, and they are privileged to serve this market.

Enterprise Cremation Services

It is their pleasure to offer funeral and cremation services to Enterprise, The City of Progress. A diverse blend of business, agriculture, and industry and in close proximity to Fort Rucker, the Home of Army Aviation, Enterprise offers the best of urban vitality combined with small town togetherness and Southern hospitality that makes all feel welcome.

Ozark Cremation Providers

Much like Dale, the city of Ozark is a great place to raise a family. Whether an entrepreneur looking to build a business or simply a couple desiring a retirement area convenient to several of the South's metropolitan areas and the white beaches of Florida, there's a place for everyone in the small community of Ozark. Holman Funeral Home and Cremation is proud to serve the needs of Ozark.

The Highest Standards

Holman Funeral Home also serves the Ariton, Clayhatchee, Daleville, Level Plains, Midland City, Newton, Waterford, Fort Rucker, Pinckard, Bertha, and Skipperville areas.

The entire staff of Holman Funeral Home is held to the highest standards. Their fully trained staff is always professional in appearance and demeanor. Their facilities are properly maintained at all times, and clients can be assured that loved ones entrusted to their care will be kept in a secure area at all times.

Cremation Options

In addition to funeral services, Holman Funeral Home also offers cremation ceremonies, which offer the opportunity for family and friends to gather together and celebrate the life of the departed loved one. Direct cremation is also available, which allows a memorial to take place without the necessity for embalming and viewing, allowing us to offer a lower cost than when these services are required.

Holman Funeral Home can arrange to have cremated remains returned to loved ones, interred at a cemetery, scattered on private property, or on public property where allowed. Further, they can arrange a formal or informal scattering service. They know that losing a loved one often leaves one feeling stressed, anxious, and overcome with grief. At a time like this, it can be difficult to make the necessary arrangements. They're committed to making the process as easy as possible for you as they guide you patiently and thoroughly through all aspects of funeral planning with compassion, dignity, and respect.

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time. Please call us at (866) 333-5130.

We look forward to serving you.

Cremation Services Geneva, Hartford and Samson, AL

One of the hardest decisions we have to make in our lifetime is deciding what to do for our loved ones after they have passed on and they are no longer with us.

The cremation services at Holman Funeral Home are outstanding, and the funeral home is one of the best in the county at fulfilling you and your loved one’s wishes. For over 85 years, they have been serving Geneva County, Alabama, making sure that families are always 100% satisfied. When it comes to compassionate care, they could not be better at making the cremation process go smoothly after you have suffered the loss of a friend or family member. The funeral home staff make you feel right at home, and they do their best to make the process of losing a loved one as bearable as possible.

Located in Dale, Alabama, Holman Funeral Home is a family business with excellent experience in cremation services. Each service is individualized so that they can provide the custom service that your family and friends deserve. It is not easy losing somebody who is close to your heart. Holman Funeral Home treats the citizens of Alabama with care and love, because they understand the difficulties that may be affecting entire families at this strenuous time of need. They make it known that their condolences are with you and your family at all times during this process. The staff makes sure that everybody is treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve during their time of need.

Holman Funeral Home serves the major cities of Geneva, Hartford, and Samson in Geneva County.

Hartford Cremation Provider

Chef Scott Peacock hails from Hartford in Geneva County, as does Dixie Howell, who played for the University of Alabama in college football. It’s a quaint town with around 2,600 residents. You’ll find most of the social activities in Hartford center around the town square. Sitting in the middle of the square is a fountain that’s been there for over 100 years.

Geneva Cremations

Geneva, the county seat of Geneva County, is known for its annual River Festival, which is centered around the crossroads of two rivers at Robert Fowler Park. There’s a five-mile run and a canoe race. Former NFL player Siran Stacy is from the city of Geneva, and the city has a rich history of trade thanks to its strategic location. Go back 100 years, and you’d see Geneva’s waterways teeming with steam-powered vessels busily trafficking their wares to and from the Gulf of Mexico.

Samson Crematorium

The funeral home also serves the small population of Samson. Considered a small, friendly town with a relaxed atmosphere, you’re only five miles away from the lush Alabama State Forest in Samson. In less than a two-hour drive, you can be at white, sandy beaches. What a place to live!

Other locations that are provided service to include Bellwood, Black, Battens Crossroads, Chancellor, Coffee Springs, Eunola, Geneva, Highbluff, Malvern, and Slocomb.

Why Cremation?

* Holman Funeral Home offers cremation with all of the options one would expect from a standard burial and more – gatherings, memorialization, and final disposition. Cremation allows for any type of ceremony afterward, whichever is most meaningful to you.

* The funeral home specializes in cremation, which means they can attend to all the arrangements for you and help relieve stress.

* The cremation process returns the human body to its original elements. The remains are placed into an urn for final disposition.

*Cremation provides for several choices of disposition, including above-ground inurnment, burial, permanent possession, or scattering. Also offered are memorialization in plaque and monument form.

You cannot go wrong with choosing Holman Funeral Home. They have the best staff that can go about helping you in the most professional manner. Since 1929, they have been providing families with funeral and cremation services. They are the perfect location for all your cremation and funeral needs.

Cremation Services Dothan, Headland and Abbeville, AL

Holman Funeral Home of Dale, AL has been serving families in the Henry County region for more than 85 years. Their mission is to provide flexible options and personalized service that is as unique as the individual being honored, at a price point suitable for any family.

Dothan Cremation Services

Just a few miles from the Georgia and Florida state lines lies the progressive city of Dothan, AL. Dothan, the peanut capital of the world, offers all the bells and whistles of big-city life but retains the charm for which the South is revered. Located in Southeast Alabama, Dothan offers a wide array of shopping, attractions, dining, history, music- and art-themed events, and award-winning sporting venues.

Each November, Dothan hosts the National Peanut Festival. Guests can view more than 20 murals around the town depicting the area’s history. More than 60 four-foot tall painted peanuts can be found that reflect the industries and personalities of the region throughout the town, including the famous Elvis peanut.

Highland Oaks, one of the nation’s top golf courses, is a draw for golf enthusiasts. Nature lovers will enjoy the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens with its paved nature trails and beautiful pond that winds through the gardens. For history buffs, nearby Fort Rucker houses the U.S. Army Aviation Museum, featuring more than 160 military aircraft on display.

See Dothan’s natural and cultural heritage preserved and celebrated at the Agricultural Museum of Alabama. Downtown Dothan features the Dothan Opera House, GW Carver Interpretive Museum, and the Wiregrass Museum of Art, and kids of all ages will enjoy the Adventureland Theme Park on Main Street, with bumper boating, go-carts, mini-golf, and a large arcade.

Headland Cremations

Founded in 1881, Headland is located in the southwestern portion of Henry County, AL. Early residents earned a living in the timber industry, but Headland has since prospered in agriculture, commerce, and manufacturing. However, nothing has brought as much prosperity to Headland as the peanut, which is the foundation of the region’s agricultural business. Headland offers convenient access to highways, rail, water, and air centers.

Headland is currently in the process of a major redesign of their town square, modernizing sidewalk design, landscaping, and lighting. This small town of less than 5,000 is considered one of the finest residential areas in Henry County, and it has shown a commitment to family values and quality of life. Quality schools, safe communities, excellent healthcare, and efficient city operations are all hallmarks of Headland. Visitors to the area can enjoy a hot air balloon ride at Skycruise Balloon Flights or partake in a family fun day at Corndodgers Farm. Ride the Cow Train, walk the Sunflower Path, or fire off the amazing pneumatic corn cannon.

Cremations in Abbeville

The City of Dogwoods, Abbeville is a small town of 2,700 where residents live large. Located along U.S. Route 231, Abbeville is older than Henry County and the State of Alabama. It is also the oldest remaining settlement in East Alabama from Florida to the Tennessee state line.

Visitors to the town can enjoy a ghost ride to Huggin Molly’s & Bellamy Bridge, shop and dine at the Southern Cottage retail complex, or visit the restored storefronts and office buildings on the Yatta Abba Yella Fella Tour. Visit the Pioneer Cemetery, where re-enactors will regale you with stories of early settlers. Visitors can also tour historic homes and churches in the area.

Also located in the Dale, Alabama region is Lawrenceville, home of the famous Lawrenceville Academy; Clopton, an unincorporated town on AL State Route 105; Bertha, home of the New Hope Baptist Church founded in 1869; and Echo, home of a pumpkin farms company. You’ll also find Newville, home of the Newville Cemetery, listed on the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register, with gravesites dating back to 1891; and Shorterville, which features historic buildings such as Colonel Baldwin M. Fluker House and the Barn at Bartlett Smith House.

Is Cremation Appropriate?

One of the services offered by Holman Funeral Home is cremation. Cremation has become a popular choice due to increased affordability and environmental concerns. When cremation is chosen, the embalming and viewing stage can be skipped, which helps to lessen expenses. Additionally, certain burial costs are also omitted with cremation.

Many people view cremation as a more ‘green’ alternative, since resources such as wood, metal, cloth, and chemicals are unnecessary with cremation. Cremation also helps to preserve already limited green space, since a traditional burial is not required. However, when choosing cremation, families can still have a traditional funeral and burial, if desired.

A very strict protocol is always followed with each cremation to ensure the deceased is treated with the utmost dignity and reverence. Each cremation is done individually. A tightly controlled process ensures proper identification of cremated remains.

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time.

We look forward to serving you.

Cremation Services Dothan, Cowarts and Kinsey, AL

Holman Funeral Home, located in Dale, AL, has been serving the residents of Houston County since 1929. For the past 87 years, the professionals at Holman Funeral Home have been guiding grieving families with customized and affordable cremation, funeral, and memorial services for their loved ones.

For families who wish to have a full funeral service, a service can be followed by the cremation, while those who are looking for an affordable option can choose direct cremation. Direct cremation avoids the cost of embalming and viewing, as the body is cremated immediately. After the cremation, a memorial for the deceased can take place. The urn holding your loved one’s remains can be retained by the family or buried in or near a loved one’s grave. Another option for cremation remains is to scatter the ashes on private property or in a location of significance to the deceased, pending state law on ash scattering.

Loved ones who are to be cremated at Holman Funeral Home are always in the safety custody of funeral home professionals. This reduces the chance for ashes to be mixed up or lost when changing hands. A system of keeping each loved one documented ensures comfort for the family. You know the cremation process is being done according to regulations by trained professionals.

Dothan Cremation

One of the metropolitan areas serviced by Holman Funeral Home, Dothan is considered the seat of Houston County. Dothan is named from the quote in Genesis 37:17, “let us go to Dothan.” With nearly 25% of the U.S. peanut crop processed in Dothan, Dothan is home to the National Peanut Festival. Dothan is known to locals as ‘Circle City’ because of the large circle in the center of the city. A slew of retail stores in the circle, known as ‘Shops on the Circle,’ have made Dothan the main source of employment in the region.

Cowarts Cremation Service Providers

Cowarts, with a population of 1,546, is on the outskirts of Dothan. Near Cowarts lies Webb and the small town of Avon with a population under 500. Also nearby is Ashford, which was known for growing cotton, harvesting pulpwood, and producing for the naval stores.

Near Cowarts lies the Choctawhatchee Bridge, which residents say is haunted! Southern soldier Bill Sketoe was hung from the bridge. The rope used to hang him was too short, so a hole was dug underneath him so he would slowly strangle to death. Whenever the hole was filled up after his death, the hole would empty overnight. The hole was known as Bill Sketoe’s Hole. Finally, in the 90s, the hole filled up with rocks because of flooding, and it has stayed filled since. There are many reasons believed by Cowarts residents as to why he was hung in the first place.

Cremations in Kinsey

This transportation hub, named after postmaster Eliza Kinsey, obtains their own water from a well in the center of the town. The motto here is, ‘Kinsey, Quality on Tap!’ This quiet town grows peanuts and cotton. There is a footprint of industry in Kinsey, including Michelin Tire, Sony, Pemco Aircraft, and General Electric. Kinsey is also home to many entrepreneurs.

Webb Cremations

Webb, a small town named after its founder, was born when, at the end of the Civil War, Benjamin Franklin Webb donated 110,000 acres of land. The Central of Georgia railway was built through the piece of land, later providing rail service to the residents. A rail depot was built in the center of the town. This rail depot has since become a park, after the depot burned down in the 1900s. In 1903, Webb donated another small plot of land to the town that he had he used as a cornfield. This plot of land became the Webb Cemetery.

Other towns served by Holman Funeral Home include Hodgesville, Grimes, Kelly Springs, Rehobeth, Taylor, Columbia, Haleburg, Cottonwood, Madrid, Gordon, Grangeberg, and Pansey.

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time.

We look forward to serving you.

Cremation Services Troy and Brundidge, AL

Holman Funeral Home is a cremation service provider in Dale, AL that has been serving the Pike County cities of Banks, Brundidge, Goshen, and Troy for many decades. Ever since 1929, Holman Funeral Home has offered family-owned, affordable, and compassionate services to families. They help the bereaved feel more at ease when bringing closure to their loved ones’ cherished lives. They offer very comprehensive packages and payment options, personalized to fit individual families’ needs for a wide range of funeral services, including cremation.

Families have the option of choosing cremation with or without a memorial service. Holman Funeral Home takes time and diligence to fully document and verify each cremation, and they maintain full carry, custody, and control once they have received families’ loved ones into their care. Families can rest assured that Holman Funeral Home oversees all possible aspects in ensuring their loved ones are handled with the dignity and care they deserve. Holman Funeral Home is proud to offer cremation services to Pike County’s families in the following cities.

Troy Cremations

Troy is one of the main cities Holman Funeral Home provides funeral and cremation services to in Pike County. It is found in the midst of the East Gulf Coastal Plains of Alabama. Since the year 2000, the city has seen steady growth, now eclipsing 4,000 people. It is home to Troy University, and Lockheed Martin is one of its largest employers. If you are in town for the free TroyFest Arts Festival (traditionally in April) then you are in for a treat, with more than 10,000 people descending on the town for the best in arts and crafts. Walking trails are very prominent in and around Troy, with Troy Parks and Recreation keeping things shipshape for those looking to go rambling.

Brundidge Cremation Provider

Brundidge is the second largest city in Pike County, located near the southeastern end of Alabama. The population was 2,076 people as of 2010. The city was once known as a major producer of peanut butter. It has a large number of antique stores in its historic downtown that offers a cozy hometown feel for its residents. The town was founded prior to the Civil War by George C. Collier, who established a trading post and saloon. First called ‘Collier’s Store,’ the town changed its name around 1854 to honor James M. Brundidge, a prominent citizen and founder of the local Masonic lodge.

Pike County Cremation Services

Holman Funeral Home also provides funeral and cremation services to the cities of Banks and Goshen. Holman’s utmost respect and care for families’ loved ones puts them at the forefront of cremation services in Pike County. Families and friends can come together, celebrate the wonderful lives of their dearly departed, and share a time together that is affordable yet respectful.

Direct Cremation

If families choose to forego the costly preparations of a viewing and full service funeral, direct cremation is the affordable option that still allows a formal memorial to take place. Families who choose direct cremation can decrease the costs of honoring their loved ones while still coming together and having a respectable memorial service.

While Holman Funeral Home is the oldest independent and locally owned funeral home in Pike County, professionalism, service, and care are still the utmost priorities for Holman Funeral Home staff. The same painstaking, detail-oriented dedication is applied to their cremation services as their burial service. The duty of care is taken very seriously, and they track and identify all of the deceased at all times in order to ensure loved ones’ remains are kept safe and are never mixed up.