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Where Can I Put the Ashes?
September 1, 2021
where can I dispose of cremation ashes

The choice of cremation offers flexibility in how the cremains (ashes) are kept, where they are put, and how they can be shared with loved ones as a keepsake from those who passed. Moreover, the location for holding a memorial ceremony is less limited and the ceremony can be scheduled on a date that allows all those who wish to participate a chance to organize the time-off needed to attend.

Storage Containers

Popular containers use to store cremains include urns and boxes. Urns are made from metal, ceramic, carved stone, and beautifully finished concrete. Boxes are made from fine wood, carved stone, and metal as well. Many of those remaining, find comfort by placing the urn or box that holds the cremains in a prominent position in the home, such as on a bookshelf, on the top of a fireplace mantle, or in a special place that is created just for the purpose of remembering the loved one that passed.

Often a photograph is used with the urn or box to show the image of the person. Sometimes a few favorite items of the person are placed next to the urn or box. In the Asian traditions, a special place is made in the home for the express purpose of remembering and honoring a person’s ancestors.

One very nice way to commemorate the life of a person who passed, is to have an artist create a bust of that person with a hollow chamber in the center that is a suitable place to store the cremains.

If a physical structure was an important part of the person’s life, then the cremains can become part of that structure, where the location is often identified with a brass plaque telling the person’s name, birth date, and date of death, with some comment about the person’s life.

Outdoor Locations

As reported in Time magazine, scattering the ashes in a place that has meaning to the deceased person is very popular. Ashes can be scattered by hand, from small airplanes, and from boats in the sea. Usually, there are no restrictions in remote natural settings, about where the ashes can be scattered as long as the ceremony does not negatively affect others. For example, it would not be proper to spread ashes on a windy day at a crowded beach. It would be better to come in the early morning, when few people are there.

Permission is needed from the owners of private property to spread ashes on their land. Some restrictions apply to public spaces, so it is always best to check with local authorities. Many times, with advanced planning and permission it is possible to spread ashes in very special places. There are also companies that assist in the process, who have the legal permission to spread ashes on land and at sea.

Many sport stadiums and golf courses do not permit the practice as reported in the Washington Post. The Wall Street Journal says that some stadiums and public places set aside a special place for these ceremonies. Spreading ashes without permission in areas where it is not permitted is discouraged.


Many prefer cremation because the ceremony of spreading the ashes gives comfort to some and keeping the ashes in a special place gives comfort to others. To learn more about cremation options visit Simple Cremation Online.