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What is the very Cheapest Cremation?
April 27, 2022

Cremation services are often provided through funeral homes as part of a comprehensive memorial package very similar to a burial package in terms of the scheduling of events held for friends and family in memory of the deceased. While cremation services are generally much cheaper than burial, due to the fact that caskets can be expensive and cemeteries charge for internment of the body, there are even cheaper options available for families that are faced with finding the least expensive cremation option.

The very cheapest cremation service is called a “direct cremation”. Near me, there is a crematorium where the bodies of the deceased are brought to be cremated. Most of the time, the cremation is arranged by a funeral home on behalf of a customer, and the costs are higher : especially for more elaborate cremation containers, and service fees. Many of the added costs can be eliminated, or at least reduced significantly, if the family requests a simple, direct cremation So you might ask, “Why don’t all families do direct cremations?”

Usually, it is because families are in a state of grief and would like to come together and grieveat a a memorial service for their deceased loved one and honor their life. Since the first place that most people think to turn in such events is a funeral home, this is where they are typically posed the question of whether they want a cremation vs burial for their family member. Funeral homes provide service, and take the burden of figuring out the logistical details off the shoulders of those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, resulting in necessary service fees for the family.

One way that individuals can reduce the financial burden on those they leave behind in death, is to pre-arrange a direct cremation as part of their estate planning process and can be defined their will as well. In this approach, family members can simply follow the instructions of the estate in carrying out the final wishes of their beloved, and focus on arranging a memorial service in any venue of their choosing (including a funeral home or crematorium), with much greater flexibility in terms of where and when they hold a ceremony if indeed these are the wishes. Some creative solutions may include events held out in nature, at sports venues, in or near bodies of water (rivers, lakes, oceans), or in a home. Of course, families should always take measures to work with local regulators to ensure they are not violating any legal restrictions in terms of disposing of cremains.

While there may be a feeling that it could be seen as disrespectful to look for the cheapest option for cremation services at a time when they are taking care of the arrangements for a deceased friend or family member, the reality is that may be the best options for some families.Given the integration of the internet in people’s shopping for a service, there is an online platform,, where families can handle the entire cremation arrangement from the convenience of their homes, This way families can arrange a cremation simply and plan a memorial service afterwards.