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What is the Deceased Verification System and Why is it only Available Through
October 10, 2021

If you happened to ask somebody what their greatest concern is about cremation they would almost certainly let you know it is a process they might not get the right remains. This is an issue that has been featured in the media, so it's naturally a genuine worry for relatives.

At SimpleCremationOnline, it is our top priority to address any fears about the cremation process and to ensure the upmost integrity of the process to deliver comfort and security along the entire process.

Though perhaps not easy to understand the reasons for this protocol, it’s legally required for families to identify the body of a cremtion recipient before the service is performed in just 35 of the 50 states. Many funeral homes depend entirely on good faith that the body in their custody is the person to be cremated. The issues may be logistics, laziness, or perhaps a belief that they could not be wrong. For whatever reason, addresses these potential issues with a trademarked identification process that to gives our customers 100% confidence that the remains our customers receive are in fact, the remains of their loved ones.

We mandate that customers identify photos of their family members before cremation though a proprietary method that enforces this requirment through a convenient process that can be accomplished from the comfort of home, rather than making this an optional step that requires an uncomfortable in-person visit to he funeral home. This is a non-negotiable policy and we refuse to process a cremation until the family has identified the receipient. We believe that this assurance is necessary, and our families, as well as our reputable Cremation Service Providers, have repeatedly confirmed the value of our services..

This is why we have created the Deceased Verification Portal on our website. The Deceased Verification Portal gives our customers the ability to identify their loved ones in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. When the body of the deceased enters the care of the Service Provider, a picture is taken. We do not send the picture through email or a text message as have developed a more discrete and secure process for verifying the identity of the deceased. Instead, the picture is uploaded to the Portal and the Customer is then sent a link along with a secure, one-time access PIN to access the Portal. The user is then prompted to view the photograph for short duration, and then confirm the identify of the body all in one secure place at one time. Overall it takes just minutes to do, and this highly secure, private process is included in our services at no extra cost. Once the body is identified, the picture is deleted and the account information becomes invalid. We believe that this method provides the most secure and discrete method possible, and the families who have used this process reported this unique service to be of great value and comfort.

We’d love your feedback and input. Do you believe that family identification should be the mandatory? Have you ever had or read about a disturbing experience with a cremation or funeral that could have been avoided?