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Understanding the Cost of Cremation Services
August 23, 2021

In comparison with the cost of traditional funeral services, the average cost of cremation is much less. helps you find low-cost cremation. Smart Asset reported that in 2018 the average cost of a funeral service in America was $7,181. The average savings from using cremation services is at least 20% to 35%. Besides the financial benefits, many are choosing cremation because it is more eco-friendly and the memorial services can be held at a good time when everyone is able to participate.

How much does it cost to be cremated?

There are basic cremation services that are designed to be the lowest cost possible. In many parts of America, these direct cremation services can be found for $1,000 to $3,000. Some prefer to have additional services, which might include a church service, a special urn, and support for a memorial service

Cremation Cost Breakdown

Cremation services are generally comprised of the following costs:

Pie Chart Demonstrating the Cost of Cremation Services
  • Cremation Service: This includes the transfer of the deceased body from the place of death to a funeral home's secure holding place, body identification (which is done in-person or via photographs), processing of all mandatory legal forms, transfer of the body to a crematorium, and delivery of the cremains to the estate manager.
  • Cremation Container: This is NOT the same thing as the urn; it is a combustible container typically composed of cardboard/plywood, wood, cloth covered wood fiber, and other flammable materials in which the body of the deceased is placed during the cremation process. It provides protection during the transportation process and maintains the dignity of the deceased. Costs range from as little as $100 for basic cardboard/plywood options to thousands of dollars for more ornate wood containers.
  • Method of Disposition: This refers to the the way in which the ashes ("cremains") are handled after the cremation. The cheapest cremation disposition option is usually to pick up the remains at the crematorium in person. Other options typically include delivery by mail, or having the remains scattered in a desirable location. Some funeral homes may offer additional disposition services including traditional ceremonies. This cost typically ranges from as little as $0 for self-pickup to thousands of dollars for ceremonies that involve spreading of ashes according to traditions such as Hindu funerary rights.
  • Number of Certified Death Certificates: Most funeral homes will charge per-copy for any additional Death Certificates. The fee per certificate is usually between $5-20 per copy.
  • Crematory Fees: The crematory fee is the cost of the cremation itself and includes a temporary urn or container for holding the cremains. This cost is set by the crematorium and is generally without any options or variants.
  • Additional Permits and Fees: Each state charges a fee for issuance of the cremation permit and additional filing fees may apply. This varies from state-to-state, and is typically not a significant cost (for example, in New Jersey, the State Permit & Filing Fee is $5.00)

Basic Direct Cremation Services

Direct cremation means that the body is taken after death to the crematorium. It is put in a special sanitized oven that holds a very high heat for many hours until the body is reduced to ash. The remaining ash is collected using a very careful process and put into a simple container, such as a strong cardboard box. These are called the “cremains.” The cremains are given to the surviving person who is in charge of the estate of the deceased.

Enhanced Cremation Services

In addition to basic cremation services, many like to add a memorial service, including any religious service according to their faith. These services may add $2,000 to $3,000 more to the cost of direct cremation.

Some people prefer to have a decorative urn to hold the cremains to have a keepsake. There are many types of urns that can be used for this purpose. The price of these urns can start at a few hundred dollars and go up to any amount. For example. a diamond-encrusted urn made from gold by a famous artist might cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is no upper limit. One favorite design is to use a lifelike bust of a person as the holder for the cremains. The decision about the urn can be made at any time after the cremation.

One attractive benefit of low-cost cremation is that the cremains can be easily carried to any location that permits disbursement of the cremains. Many like the idea of having their cremains placed in a favorite spot that they loved while they were alive. This is a soothing thought and often requested in the will of the deceased. The only concern is to be sure to have permission from the property owner. For example, Disney World is now allowing people to legitimacy place cremains for safekeeping on the Disney properties. This in response to the popularity of this place noted in many last wishes of the deceased.

How do I find cremation services near me?

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