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Important Information About Mailing The Cremated Remains of Your Loved Ones
September 14, 2021

Recently, there has been a significant change in the way that the United States Postal Service handles delivering the remains of cremations within the US. Historically, cremated remains have been shipped via standard registered mail. The package would be registered via a scanning process at each sorting facility as the parcel moved between each delivery point until finally getting delivered to the recipient.

Presently, protocols have been updates to that all cremated remains will be delivered via Priority Mail Express, and they have removed the option to ship the ashes through Registered Mail. This means that cremation remains aretreated the same as every other package. You are still provided with a tracking number that can be given to the recipient, but the parcel will only be scanned at three points: at the moment when the package leaves the original post office, when it then arrives at the delivery office, and then again when it ultimately is delivered to the recipient.

It is important to understand that if the recipient does not claim the package within two weeks, the package containing the remains will be returned to the sender.

We believe this information is critical because customers have the option to have the cremated remains of their loved ones delivered by post as a standard service. We work closely with crematories to ensure that cremated remains of loved ones are carefully mailed from their facility to you. We understand that many of our customers would prefer to avoid traveling or handling the cremated remains of an individual, and offer to deliver the remains to another chosen location instead. At the time of this writing, the United States Postal Service is the only carrier that you can use to deliver cremated remains.

No changes have been made to how the US Post Office handles shipping remains internationally. We also offer this service.

Have you ever used the postal service for postal delivery of cremated remains? Would you like to share any of the details of your experience?