Blog » COVID-19 Deaths Force Families to Face Difficult Decisions on Cremation vs Burial

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COVID-19 Deaths Force Families to Face Difficult Decisions on Cremation vs Burial
May 2, 2022

Facing end-of-life choices, such as cremation vs burial, when a family member or loved one has passed away, is not a decision anyone looks forward to making, particularly in the event of an unexpected death do to an illness. With over 6 M deaths worldwide due to the COVID-19 epidemic, millions of families have been forced to consider how to handle the physical remains of their deceased loved ones amid an overloaded death care system, restrictions on social gathering, and special protocols for rapid interment or disposal by cremation of the body.

Under ‘normal’ circumstances, finding a burial or cremation service near me would be as easy as contacting local funeral homes and booking services, but due to travel restrictions and social distancing protocols, traditional services are not generally available, leaving grieving families in a position where they must adapt to the challenges of planning memorial services that are less personal as they might wish.

Burial services, particularly open-casket funerals, have generally been suspended (particularly in cases of a COVID-related death), and social gatherings have been restricted to sizes that do not account for all of the friends and relatives of a deceased that would provide comfort and emotional support for those mourning the death of a loved one. Forced to adhere to a restricted number of attendees, one alternative is to hold funerarl events outdoors along with the burial: which is not possible in all weather conditions.

Another alternative has been the rise of virtual events: facilitated through streaming video applications which allow an unlimited number of participants to witness a memorial service, but it is impossible to provide the same sense of comfort and togetherness that an in-person service has when holding an event online.

Cremation may provide yet another option for families to prepare a unique memorial tribute that alleviates the need to book a funeral home right away . If a family decides to arrange a cremation online, they can conveniently prepare to have the cremains delivered to them in a cremation container of their choice, and hold an outdoor ceremony in a location that can accommodate a larger number of people while respecting social distancing guidelines. Beaches, parks, sports fields, and even backyards may be options for holding such events – though it is always important to check with the proper local authorities before scheduling an event or disbursing cremains.

While there is no ideal time to cope with the loss of a loved one, COVID has presented an additional set of challenges for families forced to prepare funeral arrangements and memorial services during a global pandemic with its significant local impacts. . Cremation services are one option that can provide flexibility and allow families to come up with creative solutions for honoring the memory of lost loved ones under these conditions.