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Respecting my Dad’s Wishes for a Simple Cremation
December 15, 2021

Catherine’s father was gravely ill and it was up to her to make the arrangements after he passed. She remembered what he had told her long ago “Keep it simple. Cremation is fine. No fuss.” Catherine was feeling overwhelmed. Caring for him meant no time to think about even making a simple choice. Cremation and funeral selections made her head spin.

She knew he didn’t even want a simple tribute, Cremation only may just be the best solution. She felt overwhelmed by the visits to funeral homes and calling all different people to find out how to keep it simple. Cremation costs varied so much!!!

As hard as it was, Catherine had a discussion with her father. Did he really just want to stick with a simple choice - cremation? He stood his ground. Man, he could be stubborn! “A simple cremation please, not even a simple tribute. Cremation is fine.”

Catherine understood. She now knew had her marching orders. His simple choice - cremation would be honored. The clarity in that pivotal conversation was great. Immediately she sat with her Dad, googled “where can I find a simple cremation?” What if she could really keep it simple - cremation arrangements online? The fact that now there was only a simple choice: cremation, made things seem so much more doable. Her worry and anxiety decreased,

The simple conversation with her Dad and honoring his wish of a simple cremation meant that she could have that precious time with him without worry. Decisions were made and final wishes would be honored. This would be her own simple tribute- cremation arrangements just as he would have wanted.

Catherine felt peaceful now and knew she had done right by her father. He never wanted the limelight or the focus on him. Even in his final hours, he was true to himself: “Keep it simple. Cremation only is fine.” Catherine respected her Dad’s wishes.